Chairman's Message

Mr. Shailendra Soni- Chairman, I.L.V.A. H.S. School Mr. Anoop Agrawal - Secretary, I.L.V.A. H.S. School
Mr. Firoz Mhowwala
Mr. Iqbal Hussain

 "We must invest our life energies into the direction which develop our environment in positive direction."

Each child is born with a mission in his life and with special talents which are peculiar to him. The purpose of education is to transform the inborn potentiality into an actuality, so that a child can fulfill the demands of society. Education is the most valuable assets a human being can posses. It entails healthy development of moral and ethnical values, realization of ones duties towards society and nation and becoming a useful and contributing part of society.

Today economic warfare, shrinking job market, explosion of information technology have thrown in many unknown vistas not known before Education remains an effective tool to face the challenge of poverty, employment and better living.

Our school ILVA provides an ideal learning environment. Our school is an effective blend of tradition and technology. The uniformity has been maintained by framing the syllabus of Physical Education, Information Technology, Computer science along with Sanskrit, Music yoga and Spiritual & Moral education in our school.

Keeping this motive in mind our school ILVA came into existence on 15th July 1988 by Indore Loha vyapari Parmarthik Trust. It was started by only 5 rooms and 40 students since then it has been retaining its excellence not only in the field of education but in producing morally high and spiritually developed young generation for the bright future of our country.

Our school has established a healthy trend of producing Doctors, Engineers and administrators and industrialists.

A part academics our school provides enough scope to faster independence & self relvance in daily activities in order to promote free growth of child's personalities. We give opportunities to our students to explore experiment and discover new ideas and skills.

I wish & pray to god for the bright future of ILVA and shine distinctly on the educational horizon.

I.L.V.A. H.S. School