Admission Rules

  1. All admissions will be accepted on prescribed forms.
  2. Registration forms along with the prospectus are available in the school office.
  3. All admissions are based on merit only.
  4. Applications of students coming on transfer from other school must be supported by the mark sheet. transfer corticated from the Head of the Institutions in respect of:
    • Date of Birth
    • Class last attended or class to which promoted.
    • Counter signed by the competent authorities of Education Department


General Rules & Regulations

The parents/guardians should not visit the class room or meet the teachers during the school hours, without the prior permission of the principal in writing.

  1. The list of complete set of text book required by the students will be put up on the notice Board.
  2. Students will not be sent home before school hours except on written request from the parents. The request may be granted by the principal for very special reason and will be allowed to go with the parents only.
  3. No exemption can be granted from compulsory games etc. without the doctor's certificate.
  4. The students should not make noise while passing by class rooms, office, staff room etc. and should always move class wise, in a line without talking, when children leave the class room, the lights and fans must be switched off.
  5. In the absence of a teacher, the first monitor of the class is responsible for maintaining silence and order in the class room particularly at the beginning of each period. The second monitor should report to the principal.
  6. In order to maintain general discipline and cleanliness of the school premises, acts of stealing or damaging the other students belonging or school property, spilling ink, littering, scribbling on school desks, and walls are liable to severe disciplinary action.
  7. Parents are discouraged from engaging private tutors except in consolation with the principal.
  8. Students have to be in proper uniform inside the school premises on all occasions.
  9. Students will have to be in proper uniform while coming to receive the final result, even if they are coming with their parents.
  10. Parents/guardians are earnestly requested to enforce punctuality and discipline, to see that their children prepare their daily lessons and do their homework regularly.
  11. Parents are requested to note that action will be taken against:
    • Those students who do not bring back the student's diary, monthly reports. Teacher's remarks etc. duly signed by their parents/guardian in time.
    • Those students who come in long hair , without school uniform of whose appearance is slovenly
  12. Similarly action may be taken if a student does not do his/her homework regularly. If he/she regularly neglects to bring his/books etc. or he/she fails to bring an entry into absence record of his/her absence
  13. Students suffering from any infection or contagious disease should not be sent to school for that period.
  14. Besides the rules stated above, the school reserves the right to make other rules for the achievement of the objectives and the efficient functioning of the school.
  15. There is no provision of half-a-day leave for students.
  16. Application for railway concession forms are to be addressed to the principal and submitted at least one week before they are required. They will be issued only from Indore to home town and back. Concession will be given as per the rules of the Railways.
  17. Late comers will not be allowed inside the school after the first bell.
  18. While the school authorities will make every efforts to correct the errant children, the principal however, has the right to remove such children from the school rolls whose continuance in the school is likely to adversely affect the general discipline of the school.
  19. Students who are discourteous with the school authorities are also liable to be remove from the school rolls.